Eduardo Labarca (1938)



Chilean writer whose work has been widely published in Chile and Spain, as well as other Latin American and European countries, and has been translated into Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, and Russian, among other languages.


Born in Santiago de Chile, childhood in Chillán (southern central Chile), Buenos Aires and Paris. Secondary and university studies in Santiago. Law degree at the Universidad de Chile. Journalist in the press, radio and television. Filmmaker. United Nations translator. Writer.





Feature reporter at the newspaper El Siglo and at Radio Portales in Santiago.





Panelist in the television talk-show A esta hora se improvisa, Channel 13, Santiago.





Director of the Chile Films National Newsreel; director of the documentary Chile: junio de 1973, winner of international documentary awards.





Reporter and commentator for the radio program Escucha Chile, broadcast on Moscow Radio.





Translator at the United Nations in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi and at UN-system organizations such as UNESCO, UNIDO, FAO, WHO and ILO.





United Nations translator at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna.







Political journalism books, widely quoted in international publications:


Chile invadido - book documenting foreign intervention in Chile, Austral, Santiago de Chile, 1968, 348 pages; several translations.


Chile al rojo - book documenting Salvador Allende’s rise to the Chilean presidency, Editorial de la Universidad Técnica del Estado, Santiago de Chile, 1971, 400 pages; Juan Pablos Editor, México, 1971; several translations.


Corvalán 27 horas - interviews with the political leader Luis Corvalán, Quimantú, Santiago de Chile, 1973, 400 pages; Spanish and Mexican editions; translation into German, Italian, Polish, Czech and Hungarian.


Corvalán de Chile - collage of interviews with several people during Corvalan’s imprisonment, Novosti, Moscow, 1975, 160 pages; several editions and translations into various languages.



Literary works:



El turco Abdala y otras historias - three short novels, Melquíades, Santiago de Chile, 1988, 202 pages.


Acullá - prolegomena for a novel, Documentas, Santiago de Chile, 1990, 260 pages.


Butamalón - historical novel about Juan Barba, a Spanish priest who joined the Mapuche troops during the war waged against the conquest of Chile by Spain, Anaya & Mario Muchnik, Madrid, 1994, 422 pages; Editorial Universitaria / Fondo de Cultura Económica, Santiago de Chile, 1997.


Cadáver tuerto - novel about an amateur actor caught amidst the turbulent and tragic events of his time, Catalonia, Santiago de Chile, 2005, 344 pages (Best Chilean Novel Prize, 2005, Chilean National Book Council); translation into German: Der köstliche Leichnam, Drava, Klagenfurt (Austria), 2008.


Salvador Allende. Biografía sentimental - best-selling biographical essay, Catalonia, Santiago de Chile, 2005, 428 pages.


El enigma de los módulos - literary essays in the fantastic vein, Catalonia, Santiago de Chile, 2011.


Short stories in magazines and anthologies.



Articles and essays:



In newspapers and magazines of Chile, Latin America and Europe; blogs and webpages.